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  • Welcome to WEETC


    Adult Education Service      

    024 7697 5439

    WEETC Main Reception and Nursery

    024 7651 1228

  • Address

    Willenhall Education Employment and Training Centre

    Robin Hood Road



    CV3 3AN



    The numbers 21, 13/13A, 27, 360/360A all stop at the Willenhall shopping precinct, which is a few minutes walk from the Centre.

    There is parking available for learners at Willenhall Education Employment and Training Centre

  • Learner information

    Centre reception


  • Learning at WEETC

    All classrooms are on the ground floor and are accessible by wheelchair.

    Toilet facilities, including disabled, are located at the front and rear of the building

    Hot refreshments are available for a small charge at reception.

    Adult Education managers and administration staff are located on the ground floor. Please feel free to speak to them if you require any assistance.

    There will be a fire evacuation practice once a term. This may happen once during your class, but we vary the times over the year.