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  • Welcome to Stoke Aldermoor ALC

    Adult education staff will be happy to take your enquiries.

  • Address

    Stoke Aldermoor Adult Learning Centre

    Roundhouse Road

    Stoke Aldermoor


    CV3 1DA

    Tel: 024 7697 6766



    Number 16 bus

    There is limited on-site parking available for learners at Stoke Aldermoor Adult Learning Centre

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    IT Suite


  • Learning at Stoke Aldermoor ALC

    There is limited parking for learners with a disability badge.  Please speak to Reception or a manager if this is the case.

    Crèche is available for some courses.

    Toilets including a disabled and baby changing facility are located immediately outside the classrooms.

    There will be a fire evacuation practice once a term.  This may happen once during your class, but times will vary over the year.

    Adult Education managers and administration staff are located in the reception office. Please feel free to speak to them if you require any assistance. 

    This Centre is a single storey building, however there are a few steps leading to the classrooms and reception area but these areas can be accessed by walking around the outside of the building.  Please speak to Reception or a manager who will be happy to assist.

    The Community Centre Café is open daily 9am-1pm.