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  • Welcome to Stoke Heath CC

    Adult education staff will be happy to take your enquiries.

    • Address

      Stoke Heath Community Centre

      Burroughs Close

      Stoke Heath


      CV2 3QH

      Tel: 024 7644 4702

      Stoke Heath Community Centre is not visible from the main road, we are situated in the Liberty Park Housing Estate.



      6 and 6a – Get off at the Valley Road stop.

      There is on-site parking available for learners at Stoke Heath Community Centre

      • Learner information

        Stoke Heath Community Centre Reception 

        Community Centre Café – Limited openings

        Stoke Heath Adult Education Reception (Mon-Wed, 9.00-3.00pm)

        IT Suite

        Hall with Interactive Whiteboard

        Limited Crèche with access to garden

        • Learning at Stoke Heath CC

          Toilets are located on the ground floor near the main entrance.

          There will be a fire evacuation practice once a term.

          Adult Education managers and administration staff are located on the ground floor. Please feel free to speak to them if you require any assistance.

          Refreshments are available to learners at a cost.

          • Courses we offer at Stoke Heath CC

            Microsoft Office 2010 Workshop

            Introduction to Bookkeeping





            First Aid

            Family Learning


            Chair Pilates Gold

            Speak to one of our staff to enquire about availability.